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Boats no license Ibiza for rent – San Antonio


These routes are a guide to some of the beaches you can visit driving one of our boats rental without a license. But don’t forget that you are the captain, and you will have the opportunity to discover little corners that nobody had seen before. You have chosen a suitable place to sail. San Antonio bay is in the west coast of Ibiza Island, and you will find lonely and dessert islands, cliffs where it seems that the pines came out of the sea, secluded coves of clear waters and white sands, spectacular places for snorkeling, fishing or just sunbathing and chilout.


This is undoubtedly the best route you can take in all of Ibiza aboard a boat without a license. It will take you to discover the most crystalline and blue waters of the island. It is an ideal route to do it in half a day. I believe that if you rent the boat all day, you will have more time to enjoy the coves. Calculate that from the port to Cala Conta you have approximately 40 minutes of navigation.

1 . Port del Torret ibiza

This small natural harbor will be your first stop . It has a little picturesque fishermen’s town at the entrance and at the bottom a beach sand . Its waters are crystal clear and have some good restaurants.

At the back you have a line of buoys that separate the beach , do not cross . To the right side of the beach you will see a small pier done of concret and stone. Please do not let the boat parked in there, because it is used exclusively by the ferrybus . To the left of the bay you will see a boat rental shop , for waketrips and banana boat rides . Are our friends Juan and Fatima. If you want to do any of the activities offered , you will attend with great kindness. If you want to go down to the beach to eat tell them that stick out the boat.

2. Cantera Fenicia Ibiza

When you exit port des torrent, you ‘ll leave your left fishermen’s houses. Just before rounding Cape, you will find an ancient Phoenician quarry. It has more than 2000 years old. It is a breathtaking place where you will see the outline of the stone cut saw. Inside a small natural pool of crystal clear water is formed. Not a good stopping point, is too exposed to the sea.

3. Cuevas de Cap de En Serra

Caves of Cala Bassa.
We are in front of a beautiful cliffed coast full of caves. Undoubtedly the most popular, due to its size, is the great cave. You can access its interior with great caution and only on days when the water is completely flat. Be careful that on the sides of the entrance to the cave there are many shallows, inside it is not allowed to anchor, only to enter to take some photos and exit. Do not enter if there is already a ship inside.

4. Cala Bassa Ibiza

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular beaches in Ibiza. It is a beautiful beach with clear sand and crystal clear waters. An idyllic bay to take a bath. There are always many boats at anchor.

Do not leave the boat at the ferry dock and do not cross the line of yellow buoys that mark the bathing area. Near the line of buoys you will find good sandy areas to anchor. If you anchor on the left side (closer to San Antonio) be careful as there are quite a few large rocks along the bottom. On the beach you have the Cala Bassa Beach Club, one of the most popular bars on the island.

5. Desert bay of Cala Roja

It is a beautiful place that can only be accessed by sea, but be careful when anchoring, there are many stone areas at the bottom.
It is the ideal place to snorkel, due to its crystal clear waters and Poseidonea seabed.


6. Torre Rovira Ibiza

You will easily recognize this watchtower built in stone, because its cilindric form . In the sixteenth century were regular and continuous pirate attacks on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera.

Ship attacked by pirates to steal and capture its inhabitants , who were enslaved .

Rovira tower was built in the sixteenth century in a strategic location in the bay of Sant Antoni, equidistant between Cala Comte and Cala Bassa. The cove in which it is located is very quiet and only accessible by sea. If you like snorkeling, you are an ideal place for this activity.

7. Fisherman houses in Ses Roques

Surely one of the most picturesque and charming places on the Ibiza coast. It is a set of small fishermen’s huts, dug into the stone and with wooden and cane covers. In them the fishermen keep their belongings and fishing boats. The whole place exudes magic, its crystalline waters that allow you to see the podeidonea areas, its steep cliffs. You can anchor near the booths, be careful that there is a large stone in front of them.


8. Cala Comte Ibiza

There are no words to describe the beauty of these beaches, made up of a small group of small coves with white sand and turquoise waters, recognized as one of the 10 best beaches in the world.

You will enjoy its beautiful waters, magnificent views of the island of Sa Conillera, the island of El Bosque and the group of islands of Ses Bledes.

Here you will see the best sunset in Ibiza.

That is why in summer these beaches are always full.
Luckily with our boats, you can anchor away from people. A paradise where you will find peace, tranquility and crystal clear waters.

From Sa Conillera you have about 45 minutes by boat to Sant Antoni, calculate the time to deliver the boat on time.


9. Cala Escondida

This picturesque cove is the last of your trip, and is part of the group of coves of Conte. It is a small nudist cove with a beach bar, and in front of it you have many meters of crystalline blue waters where you can anchor quietly. In the background the landscape is spectacular, the western islands in all their splendor.