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Boats no license Ibiza for rent – San Antonio


These routes are a guide to some of the coves and places you can visit on board one of our rental boats without a license in Ibiza. But do not forget that you are the captain, so you will have the opportunity to discover areas that no one has seen before!


This route is an extension of the southern route. If you have all day to enjoy your no license rental boat, you can travel both routes, as they are linked.

If you only want to rent a no license boat for half a day, a good option is to drive the boat directly to Cala Conta, which is about a 30 minutes crossing from Sant Antonio, where you can begin the wild island route.


Forest and Rabbit Islands.

Both islands, along with the Es Vedra , Espartar and Bledas islands, are part of the natural park of the western islets. Each of them is a real treasure, and on each island lives an array of beautiful wildlife; aquatic birds, terrestrial invertebrates and a rich endemic flora. They have been designated natural parks since 2002.

This little paradise is only accessible by boat, and the crystal clear waters make it a great spot for snorkelling. Enjoy some rock pools where you can admire the prairies of Poseidon as well as schools of fish and invertebrates. The richness of the waters makes this area frequented by families of dolphins. If the sea is calm, you could be lucky enough to spot a group swimming and playing in the ocean.

The isolation of the islands makes them an ideal nesting place for seabirds. You can see gulls, cormorants, hawks and birds of prey.

But remember, you are in a national park, so it is important to respect the rules.

  • Respect the natural features that made this area deserving of natural reserve status. Don’t disturb plants, animals, or any archaeological features.
  • Avoid approaching the islands, especially during the breeding season of birds ( April-June ), and remember that you are not allowed to disembark.
  • To go deep sea fishing around the islands you must ask permission from the administration of the Reserves, independently of other compulsory licenses issued by other administrations. To request authorization visit: www.caib.es
  • To assist in the preservation of the seabed, it is recommended not anchor in the algal (Posidonia oceanica)
  • It is permitted to collect Esparto grass in S’Espartar, but you must have express authorization of the administration of the Reserves, independently of other authorizations issued by other administrations.


When driving the boat through this area there are two zones where you must take extra care.

Entry passage into both Forest and Rabbit islands.

In this area the water is shallow and there are a lot of rocks and dangerous pitfalls. Cross only in the middle of the pass, where the seabed is 3 meters below sea level. On the sides, next to the islands there is little space to maneuver the boat safely and you could hit the zodiac against the rocks.

Entry passage into both Forest Island and Cala Conta.

You will see that in the middle there are plenty of small islets. This area is very dangerous and must not cross. Only on days when the sea is very calm, you can cross between the island and a yellow marker buoy off the coast. You will see that the bottom is sandy and has very little depth. Cruise very slowly and cautiously, and only if the sea is calm.