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Boats no license Ibiza for rent – San Antonio


These routes are a guide to some of the beaches you can visit driving one of our boats rental without a license. But don’t forget that you are the captain, and you will have the opportunity to discover little corners that nobody had seen before. You have chosen a suitable place to sail. San Antonio bay is in the west coast of Ibiza Island, and you will find lonely and dessert islands, cliffs where it seems that the pines came out of the sea, secluded coves of clear waters and white sands, spectacular places for snorkeling, fishing or just sunbathing and chilout.


This route is a good option if you have nort or east winds. In a space about four hours you can drive with one zodiac with no license required along the nort coat of san Antonio Bay, a nice coast full of litle bays of blue watter and lonely cliffs. This is one of the most nicest and wildest aeras of Ibiza.

7. Aquarium de Capblanc.

One kilometer from Sant Antonio you will see a small wooden house on a cliff with a concrete pier . It is the aquarium cap blanch . A very picturesque place to visit.

Inside there is a natural cave with sea water inthere coexist all the characteristic watter species of the islands. You can see Galapagos , moray eels , groupers and hundreds of colorful fish . It’s a real natural aquarium to be visited . Wednesday night is a good place to go and eat his popular barbecue of sardines .

8. Cala Gracio Ibiza

When you go out of the harbor and you see the red light turn right (starboard in nautical terms). The first thing you will see are some buildings, at their lowest are the famous Cafe del Mar and Cafe Mambo. Remember this place when you come back, as it is the best place to enjoy the sunset on your return.

You will see on the left a small cove (Es Calo Del Moro) it does not have much interest.

About two km from Sant Antonio, you will come to two small coves together, they are Cala Gracio and Cala Grasioneta. Two beautiful bays with crystal clear water and protected from the winds. It is an ideal place to anchor and swim, and even enjoy the sunset instead .


9. Cala Galera Ibiza

If you keep on sailing, ride after Cala Gracio you will find the paradise of Ibiza, Cala Galera. Without doubt our favorite cave, and one of the most beautiful and wild beaches of Ibiza.

The nature is sublime. Cala Galera is very difficult to reach by land, this has remained a virgin place, and here you will not see any construction.

Cala Galera is a cliff aerea, consist of a stratified rock formation with horizontal cutting, forming platforms where people can chilout and take sunbathing. This isolation and not being a secluded spot in the tourist guides has created a special atmosphere that surrounds artists, painters, hippies and nudists.

Lot of celebrities such as John Lennon, Salvador Dali, U2 singer Bono fell in love with Cala Galera Ibiza.The sunset in Cala Galera is very nice, accompanied by the beat of drums.

You Will not see many boats in cala Galera, because anchoring is danger and complex for large vessels, but with our zodiacs rental you can enjoy every little corner.

Nudism in Ibiza is a common practice, and Cala Galera is one of those nude spots where people practiced with absolute normality. If you have never practiced nudism this is a good opportunity for putting off the clothes and enjoy a leisurely swim in the clear waters of Cala Galera. Under water you are in a paradise where you can go snorkeling.

10.Cala Salada Ibiza

After leaving with your boat Cala Galera bay you will find a high cliff walls. It is a beautiful place, with deep seas and clear waters. You can make a fast stop to snorkel and enjoy the place.

If you continue drivinging, you will reach Cala Salada. Cala Salada is easy to recognize, on entry into the left you will see a small island, right many old fishermen’s houses and in the background a big red house.

Cala Salada is one of the most popular beaches of Ibiza. It has a good Chiringuito to take a drink eat a good rice. In Cala Salada you will see quite anchored boats, because it is a quiet and safe place. You can anchor near the yellow buoys on sandy bottoms. You will see a picturesque fishing shelter. These Fisherman houses are built with juniper wood and stones taken of the place.

You will see them in many coves of the island and is a reminder of the ancient customs of Ibiza.

11. Bahía de la Foradada

Leaving Cala Salada, and after visiting Cala Saladeta, you can surround the small island that you will find on your right .

You can cross the channel between the island and land, there is enough background. Drive slowly to enjoy the scenery and do not disturb the birds nesting on the island.

You will arrive to a deserted bay, where you will find few boats . It is a beautiful place that owes its name to the cave through the mountain . It is a lonely place that you will enjoy.

This place is the limit of our navegation area with our zodiac with no license, Don’t sail more to the north, bacause is a danger aerea and you there is no phone signal to contact us in case of problems.

12. Sunset time Cafe Mambo

Back to the port, and if you have rent the yellowboat for the evening tour, you can not miss the spectacle of the sunset at Cafe Mambo.

Hundreds of people and many boats come daily to this beach to see how the sun king lurks over the horizon, and reveals one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ve ever seen.

You can anchor in this place to enjoy the sunset to the rhythm of the music of the beachclubs as mamfo coffee or the sea. Use caution when anchoring because the bottom is rocky. But caution, back quickly because we need to be in port before it gets dark.


13 .Back to Harbour

Remember that boats without qualifications do not have lights and you have to arrive before sunset. But back to the port of San Antonio in Ibiza , you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset.

Look back and you will have a show before you, the stunning Ibiza sky , blue , red, green and other thousand colors that blend in your eyes.


You have to remember that Cala Salada mobile coverage is poor , and from Cape nono there is no phone coverage or warm coves . Do not go beyond the bay foradada because you will be outside the limits set navigation.